When getting started on a building or renovation project, before a brick has been laid or a blueprint has even been drawn up, it is essential that you make sure you assemble the perfect team for the job. If the project you have in mind involves laying foundations or floorings, you’ll be happy to hear that here at Deon Shaw Concreting; we are the complete package! Here are the services of your typical concreter in Toowoomba:

Concrete Driveways

There are countless benefits to having a concrete driveway. Besides the upside of added property appeal and resale value, they also provide a much more stable and reliable driveway base as opposed to something like gravel that can move around or grass that can be affected by the weather. Our concreters ensure that your driveway has the strength needed to support vehicles day in and day out while maintaining that pristine finish by using the right sealants to finish the job.

Decorative Concrete

If a plain concrete slab isn’t your thing and you’re after something with an added design feature, we’ve got you covered. With everything from coloured or stencil patterned to concrete with stamped impressions for that added texture, you are sure to find something to love. All of our professionals are expertly trained, which means that their experience and training will ensure the correct tools, ratios and sealants will be used to achieve the best results.

Seamless Flooring

Seamless flooring is more popular now that it has ever been. It creates a smooth, sleek, modern finish to the floor of any part of your home, giving spaces like converted garages a much more unique accent and vibe. Browse through our brochure or gallery to see more.

Exposed Aggregate

When it comes to decorative concrete, nothing gives you as much bang for your buck as exposed aggregate. Rather than a single flat lane of concrete, it gives off an added character and intrigue. With an extensive range of colours to choose from, you can ensure that your particular choice perfectly matches the rest of the aesthetic throughout your home.

If you’re in the process of finding yourself an experienced concreter in Toowoomba, then the search is over. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss how we can be of assistance. We look forward to hearing from you!