Decorative Concrete Toowoomba


Our Decorative Concrete Range

Concrete has become more than just driveways and footpaths in recent years. With new advances in tools and technologies, there are endless possibilities when it comes to decorative concrete.

Deon Shaw Concreting offers an assortment of decorative concrete services that will have your home looking unbelievably stylish in an easy and budget friendly manner that you won’t have to wait ages to enjoy.

Concrete is not only far more affordable than comparable durable materials, but it also more versatile. Deon Shaw in Toowoomba can provide you with fast, affordable, and professional services that won’t tie you up for months on end or break your budget. For more information about our decorative concrete services, please contact us today!

Types of Decorative Concrete Services

There are many types of decorative concrete services that you can choose from. In fact, virtually anything that you would normally have done in concrete in a more basic way can also be done in a decorative way.

The beauty of concrete is that it can take on any number of textures, colours, or appearances. If you have a design in mind or a photo you would like in the pattern then there is a good chance Deon Shaw Concreting can provide this pattern for you.

If you would like to discuss our decorative concrete services, including flooring and exterior applications, do not hesitate to contact us. Deon will be happy to speak with you in regards to your upcoming project and the overall look you are going for. We will go over your options, discuss your location and the type of job, and help you determine what your budget might be.

See Our Full Decorative Concrete Range

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